-Site Survey


-Septic/Sewer Design

-Enhanced Septic Treatment

-Potable Water Operations/Testing


-Asbestos Survey
-Asbestos Abatement 

-Mold Assessment

-Mold Remediation

​-Air Quality Monitoring 

​Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR)

Sebi Environmental Services inc. In Newburgh

-Soil/Water/Air Remediation & Soil Disposal 

-Heavy Metals


-Hazardous and non-Hazardous Remediation

-Hazardous Disposal 

-Fuel Tank Testing 

​-Fuel Tank Removal

-Fuel Tank Installation

-Mobile Enhanced Fluid Recovery Systems


​-Air Sparging  

-Soil/Water/Air Testing

​-Environmental Study

-In Situ Chemical Oxidation

Professional Engineering and Consulting Services

*Services outside of engineering and consulting are done by one of our teaming companies which are licensed and insured 

SEBI Environmental Services 


Strategic Environmental Business Insight Engineering Services DPC.

-​Phase 1 and 2 Site Investigation

-Petroleum Bulk Storage Compliance

-Chemical Bulk Storage Compliance


-Petroleum Operations 


-As Built

-Civil/ Structural Engineering

-Project Management

-Professional Engineering Services and Stamping